DK Truck and Trailer Repair (1992) Ltd.

Our Fleet

The flagship of our fleet is our 2001 Peterbuilt. Decked out in almost every chrome option available.
You simply can’t miss this Service vehicle pulling up to fix your breakdowns, that’s when you know...
These guys mean business!

Our Fleet of 440E Internationals are fully equipped to quickly and affordably assist you with almost all your emergency roadside repairs. We carry a wide range of parts to help get you and your loads back on track. Welders, cutting torches, whatever the Job calls for, we are working hard to help get your loads to your customers ‘on time’.

With the addition of our 2009 Sales/Parts Truck, we are finding more and more ways to help get your repairs done as quickly as possible. For those heavier parts our 2003 Ford Dually is there to lend a hand on the jobs that need just a bit more muscle.

Dk Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair(1992) Ltd.